MINERVA is the Roman Weaving Goddess.

Inheriting the wisdom of traditional textile making from our European ancestors, and combining modern designs, using only 100% Virgin Cotton, MINERVA’ s home linens products are made with love and respect for the traditional craftsmanship.




Sourcing only the cleanest virgin cotton possible, MINERVA are committed to produce only the most reliable day to day towel.

Suffering from ezcema since the age of 2, our founder truly understands how important it is to have daily linen items which are gentle to skin and soft to touch.

Knowing that virgin cotton has the hypoallergenic characteristics, together with a family tradition in textile, MINERVA started off providing quality linens to hotels and resorts across the globe around the beginning of 21st century.

It means a lot to us receiving encouraging comments from customers and in respond to this, MINERVA has added individual household towels, baby and kids bathrobes, ponchos, washcloths,etc to our list of products since 2015.

Happy faces from customers continue to tell us we are doing a great job and gives us tremendous satisfaction. We are motivated to providing you and your family quality you can see and trust.


The word ‘Virgin’ suggests, it has never been used. It is free from pollution and modifications.

Virgin cotton is also an environmentally friendly fiber. It is annually renewable, biodegradable. It is naturally hypoallergenic, making it extra comfortable for people with sensitive skin.

The unique qualities of virgin cotton allow it to be extra absorbent, and good at releasing the liquid it takes in. Hence, discouraging the growth of bacteria and yeast.  It is naturally stronger and tear resistant when it gets wet, thus it is always used together with cleansers, moisturizers, baby care products, personal care and hygiene products.

The natural wax on virgin cotton gives the final product a natural shine and silk touch.


In a MINERVA towel, there is quality you can see --- finest virgin cotton yarn, straight stitches, and overall balance of water absorbency and soft touch. All these are the fruits of the preciseness of machines, and the skill of our craftsman, coordinating perfectly.


At MINERVA, our team checks every piece of towels with great attention to details, delivering only the best product to you.